Email Versus Wiki Collaboration Graphic a Big Hit

Pretty cool, the Wikinomics blog posted a blog about a graphic we (Intellipedians) have been using in the government to represent the comparative differences and advantages of wiki collaboration over email. 

Although the blog states Chris Rasmussen from the National Geosptatial-Intelligence Agency created the graphic, I created this graphic in a PowerPoint brief back in June 2007 to senior leadership at the United States Central Command to demonstrate how wikis could be used to more rapidly draft contingency plans, which Chris kindly noted in a later comment on a second posting about the graphic.

Several of us Intellipedians use the graphic when briefing and introducing new users to Intellipedia.  We find it useful for visualizing the inherent inefficiences of email when collaborating on a document since this former process creates multiple copies of a document which are normally edited separately.  This often causes headache when it comes time to integrate all the different edits contained in multiple versions scattered in one’s email inbox or finding the most current one if done sequentially. 

I am interested in what a more detailed visualization of document collaboration would look like if a formal graphic based on system dynamic modeling were used.  It would also be nice to compare Google Docs to a wiki, which has been suggested by others.  Anybody feel like creating one?

Email versus wiki collaboration


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  1. Community Portal: What Is A Wiki Site? Says:

    […] wiki/email comparison image was originally produced by Manny Wilson in June 2007 for a presentation to senior leadership at the United States Central Command to […]

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