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DNI Releases the 500 Day Plan for Integration and Collaboration

October 16, 2007

On October 10, 2007 the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) released the 500 Day Plan for Integration and Collaboration. This plan builds upon the 100 Day plan released back in April 2007. The plans focus on the following key areas: (1)  creating a culture of collaboration; (2) accelerating information sharing; (3) fostering collection and analytic transformation; (4) building acquisition excellence and technology leadership; (5) modernizing business practices; and (6) clarifying and aligning DNI authorities.

Each of the focus areas has a set of core and enabling initiatives:

1. Core: treat diversity as a strategic mission imperative; implement civilian IC joint duty program. Enabling: formalize National Intelligence University; improve recruiting, hiring and retention of heritage americans; develop an intelligence enterprise exercise program; improve foreign language capability; strengthen recruiting relationships with colleges and universities; complete design, begin development of an  IC performance-based pay system; catalog and connect IC human resource capabilities.

2. Core: enhance intelligence information sharing policies, processes, and procedures. Enabling: create a single information sharing environment; implement attribute-based access and discovery; provide collaborative information technology to non-IC partners; and establish a single community classification guide.

3. Core: create collaborative environment for all analysts; establish National Intelligence Coordination Center. Enabling: Develop common standards and guidance for HUMINT activities; strengthen foreign intelligence relationships; expand hard target integrated collection strategies; develop IC-wide collection management tools; strengthen analytic tradecraft across the community; improve and expand use of the National Intelligence Priorities Framework; and strengthen science and technology analysis capabilities.

4. Core: Implement acquisition improvement plan. Enabling: build an IC technology transition plan; complete the stand-up of the IARPA; establish a systems engineering and arhitecture group; and develop an agile acquisition requirements process.

5. Core: modernize the security clearance process; and align strategy, budget, and capabilities through a strategic enterprise management system. Enabling: analyze and improve IC relationships with clients; collaborate to protect privacy and civil liberties; identify a common core human resources information system; and improve the IT certification and accreditation process.

6. Core: update policy documents clarifying and aligning IC authorities. Enabling: Define Director of Defense Intelligence authorities, roles and responsibilities; update DOD intelligence agency charters; develop a capstone IC doctrine and lexicon; foster integration and collaboration in the IC legal community; harmonize IC policy on “U.S. Person” information; revise and enhance the national intelligence policy process; and submit annual intelligence authorization act proposal.

What stuck out to me was the creation of the National Intelligence Coordination Center (NIC-C). I am wondering how this will fit in with the Defense Joint Intelligence Operations Center (DJIOC) and Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JFCC-ISR) which seem to have a similar “integrating” function for collection operations.

Regardless, I like the plan, and the DNI’s continued focus on IC integration and collaboration is outstanding and beginning to make a real difference. If half of this 500 day plan gets implemented it would be great — I believe it will under DNI McConnell’s leadership.


Hello world!

July 16, 2007

Ok, I finally got a blog to use outside of work. I had previously used Google’s Blogger, but after some convincing by colleagues, I made the switch to Word Press. So far, I am impressed and like very much!